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How does the more than 2.500 years old Buddhist teachings on mindfulness and meditation support living a sustainable work-life today, for people with little or no interest in Buddhism and meditation?

That was the question that started it all....

... and led me to wonder: Can I bring these practices to the workplace, where Buddhist mindfulness and meditation are rarely available?


Teaching & coaching

I help companies, leaders, teams and employees to strengthen their mental capacity and responsiveness in relation to the many changes, challenges and problems that constantly have to be taken responsibility for in modern life.

This I offer through a contemporary approach to the original Buddhist teachings on the mind, the nature of the mind and how we can learn to master it, make it flexible and a useful powerful tool for increasing mental capacity and quality.

We purposefully work our way away from a thought and emotional autopilot, towards a much more dynamic and active decision-making and execution.

All teaching and coaching is in a secular format, which means that all religious topics are omitted.


Born in 1977 Seoul, Korea. Married to Signe, father of Sebastian and practicing Buddhist (Theravâda). Last Dharma Teacher student of Shomon Pia Trans. Meditation practice since 2003

Morten Ryberg is a leading Buddhist teacher renowned for his expertise in integrating meditation and mindfulness practices into the business world.

With a background in both leadership roles within national and international companies and extensive authentic Buddhist meditation and mindfulness training, Morten offers a unique perspective on personal and professional development.

Mortens teachings are grounded in practicality and relevance, providing leaders with accessible tools and training to harness the power of the mind for positive behavioral changes. From enhancing decision-making skills to cultivating proactive stress management techniques, Morten's approach addresses key challenges faced by leaders today.

Morten's offerings range from individual training programs to team training sessions and intensive retreats, catering to the diverse needs of organizations seeking to empower their teams and foster a culture of mindfulness, well-being and high perfomance. With Morten's guidance, leaders can unlock their full mental potential and lead their teams with clarity, compassion, and purpose.


Education & training:

Ānāpānasati meditation - Barre Center for Buddhist Studies

Shamatha & Vipasyana meditation: Phendeling

Satipaṭṭhāna meditation - Insight Meditation Society

Vedana meditation - Bodhi College

Meditation & Dharma teacher - Danish Dharma Center

MBSR - Danish center for mindfulness, Aarhus University

Metacognitive coach - Neocognitive Institute

Enneagram - Think About it

Work experience:

2016 - Mindfulness and meditation teacher - Self-employed

2018 - General manager - Smedjen

2016 - 2021: Meditation teacher - Danish Dharma Center

1999 - 2016: Various management & sales positions in medium and large, national and international companies

13 years of management experience

6 years of international experience